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A global leading OEM manufacturer of server and network IT cabinets and racks approached Siemon Interconnect Solutions (SIS) with a new product development request. Through voice of customer research, they learned about a major deficiency within their cabinets when used in high density data center environments.

The problem was the inability to manage the large quantity of data cables coming from hi-density rack mount switches and patch panels in cabinets. The customer posed a challenge to SIS: they needed a system of vertical and horizontal cable managers capable of supporting, routing and protecting the vast amount of copper and fiber cables.


The OEM realized they do not have the cabling expertise or resources to tackle this project and they needed solutions in a short amount of time. The solutions would need to utilize the space between two existing cabinets that are bayed together. To further complicate the situation, the customer’s cabinets had multiple widths of 600, 700 & 800mm and two heights of 42U & 45U and the OEM did not want to make any changes to their cabinets.

Through collaboration with the SIS design team and the customer’s engineers, design parameters were established. SIS quickly launched a product development project to create several 3D model designs of the complete system that could be virtually installed into the CAD models of the OEM’s cabinets.

After careful consideration of the benefits that each design would offer, the customer selected one of the proposals.


Rapid prototype assemblies were built from sheet metal and 3D printed plastic cable managers. Shortly thereafter, prototypes were delivered to the OEM, installed in the cabinets and were approved on all variables for form, fit, function and aesthetics. SIS used a modular product solution to fulfill several cabinet width and height configurations.

The design, prototypes and final product were delivered within customer’s rigorous time schedule.

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