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A global leader in industrial automation requested assistance from Siemon Interconnect Solutions (SIS) with a new product development project.

The customer’s current solution was adequate, but not optimal. The current solution consisted of three components-an RJ45 patch cord, RJ45/M12 adapter and a M12 cordset to make a connection from the RJ45 switch port inside an IP67 enclosure to an M12 cable exiting the enclosure. The three combined components added considerable cost to the solution as well as performance loss to the network connection.

The challenge that SIS was handed was to develop a solution that would reduce the connection points and function within an enclosure populated with network equipment with ports which were configured with little regard to minimum cable bend radius.


The customer needed someone with expertise in cabling assemblies and a solid understanding of industrial networking standards.

The application specific solution needed to be available within a very tight schedule to support a project build. Further, the customer could not make any design changes to the enclosure to allow for more space.

The SIS design team began working with the customer’s engineers to define the network port locations, cable routes and minimal allowable space without violating the minimum cable bend radius.


The SIS team designed an assembly with a M12 connector on one end and a RJ45 connector on the other. However, some modifications had to be made in order for the assembly to fit within the enclosure.

The assembly was customized with a shorter M12 connector and an angled RJ45 connector, as it would have been impossible to use a straight RJ45. Prototype assemblies were built and tested. After SIS believed they had the right solution, samples were quickly sent to the customer for their review. The OEM installed the cable assemblies in their enclosures and were approved on all variables for form, fit, and function.

The design, prototypes and final product were delivered within customer’s beta build and project tight timeframes.

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