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Z-PLUG® Field-Terminated Plug

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TECH BRIEF: High Performance Plug Terminated Link Technology
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Siemon's patent-pending Z-PLUG offers quick, reliable high-performance plug terminations in the field for custom-length direct connections to wireless access points, security cameras, LED lights, distributed antenna systems (DAS), building automation devices and any other IP-based and PoE-enabled devices deployed in today's converged networks. The Z-PLUG exceeds all Category 6A performance requirements, and it can be terminated to shielded, unshielded, solid and stranded cables for maximum flexibility. The plug is compliant with UL 2043 for use in plenum air handling spaces, and can be terminated without the boot for connecting to devices with limited depth, such as cameras and access points.

Product Sample

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  • Dual Purpose Latch Protector Clip - Protects termination time and repeatable performance latch during pulling and routing and available in nine different colors for easy color coding and identification of various applications and devices.
  • Enhanced Performance - Supports 10G system transmission performance for today's high-speed applications like 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Robust Diecast Housing with Rounded Edges - Highly durable for reliability and enhanced support of high frequency data rates with rounded edges that optimize fit into congested mating areas
  • Guided Termination - Intuitive lacing module features color-coded guide for correct conductor placement
  • Hinged Cable Retention - Eliminates need to feed cable and conductors through an opening and can be closed manually or with the Z-Plug tool to accommodate multiple cable diameters (22-26 AWG). Also features dual grounding clips for shielded cables.


Fast Repeatable Terminations
Fast Repeatable Terminations
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The Z-PLUG termination process with user-friendly tool offers best-in-class termination time and repeatable performance
Perfect Fit for Tight Spaces
Perfect Fit for Tight Spaces
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The rear boot and latch protector can be eliminated or shortened for plugs that need to connect to devices with limited space.
Multiple Cable Types
Multiple Cable Types
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Can be terminated to shielded and unshielded stranded and solid cable types for superior flexibility

Part Numbers

Z-TOOL-ZP  Z-PLUG Termination Tool
ZP-CAP  Protective Cap for the Z-PLUG, Black, Bag of 25
ZP-CLIP-(XX)  Z-PLUG Latch Protector Clip, Various Colors, Bag of 25
ZP1-6AS-00(X)  Z-PLUG Category 6A Field-Terminated Plug and Boot without Latch Protector Clip
ZP1-6AS-01(X)  Z-PLUG Category 6A Field-Terminated Plug and Boot with Black Latch Protector Clip

Use (X) to specify clip Standard or Bulk Plugs: S=Standard, B=Bulk (100 plugs) Z-PLUG Termination Tool is included with quantities of 50 or more Standard (S) plugs or with any order of Bulk (B)

Use (XX) to specify clip color: 01=Black, 02=White, 03=Red, 04=Gray, 05=Yellow, 06=Blue, 07=Green, 08=Violet, 09=Orange

Because we continuously improve our products, Siemon reserves the right to change specifications and availability without prior notice

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