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Use of Cloud Computing by enterprise companies is exploding, precipitating a greater dependence on cloud-based applications which means businesses must rethink the level of redundancy of the physical infrastructure equipment (power, cooling, networking) remaining on-premise or at the Edge network provider. Cloud adopting is also driving enterprise to hybrid data center environments both cloud-based and on-premise data centers (the Edge.) This equipment provides critical interface with applications living in the cloud as connectivity to the cloud is crucial for business operations to continue. Downtime disruption is not possible for a growing culture of employees who demand ‘always on’ technology.

Prefabricated micro data centers are a simple way to ensure a secure, highly available environment at the Edge. Best practices such as redundant UPSs, a secure organized rack, proper cable management and airflow practices, remote monitoring, and dual network connectivity ensure the highest-criticality sites can achieve the availability they require.

Drawing on Siemon’s design and engineering expertise in the access, core and mobile access network layer, we can help achieve the transformative power of the Edge. Siemon’s ‘Edge Computing Solutions’ help you design and deploy distributed IT infrastructure in a quick, scalable and repeatable way. Our solutions range from pre-configured V-Built Cabinet Solutions to highly customized solutions that provide greater efficiency flexibility to meet any unique requirements.

Solutions for Standardized Edge Computing Deployments

Edge Computing solutions by Siemon Interconnect Solutions help you design and deploy distributed IT infrastructure in a quick, easy and repeatable way. Ranging from pre-integrated physical infrastructure for micro data centers (V-Built Cabinets orderable as one product number), to configure-to-order solutions scalable at rack level (Top of Rack Solutions), to highly customized solutions that give you the flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

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Micro Data Center-Ready V-Built for Edge Applications

V-Built Custom Preconfigured Solutions are well suited for micro data center applications in the edge marketplace where single standalone cabinets contain all the components of a data center, including connectivity, compute, switching, power, cooling, storage and security

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    Driven by growth in the “edge” of the network due to the internet of Things (IoT), more and more service providers and organizations are expected to adopt micro data centers over the next few years.

    Often deployed in remote branch locations, for temporary deployments or in high-risk locations such as industrial, unmanned and high-security areas, micro data center-ready V-Built allow service providers to expand to new locations and markets without delay and quickly deliver infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and the benefits of cloud computing at a customer’s exact location, bringing economic capacity, bandwidth and low-latency closer to the edge.

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